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    Sports Nutrition

    Best sports drinks

    As a dietitian, I have the opportunity to help reporters give correct nutrition information when they are creating articles. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes I get mis-quoted or the quote is taken out of context. Here’s a recent example. The reporter asked myopinion on sports drinks and what to look…

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    Hunger during HIIT workouts

    What have you heard about hunger and exercise? Are you supposed to eat before exercise? Should you exercise fasted?   Read on for some answers regarding hunger and exercise! What does it mean to have hunger after a high intensity interval workout? If you have hunger after your HIIT workout, that’s…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutritionsupplements

    Creatine 101: What you need to know

    Creatine is one of those supplements you seem to hear about a lot. It seems like every strength athlete uses it. But is it right for you? Read on for all the details! What is creatine? Creatine is a substance that is part of an energy system in your body,…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutritionsupplements

    How one visit to the dietitian saved $3120

    \ How do you know which supplements to use? Somewhere between 40-100% of athletes and active people use supplements. And if those people are getting their advice from social media, 90% of the time it is wrong! How do you know which supplements to take? What about the dose? What…

  • General

    How to Spot Credible Nutrition Information

      How to spot credible nutrition information There are probably literally millions of blog posts, books, and articles about nutrition. Many of them are very convincing, and many of them spread false information. Many of them sound “science-y” enough to seem legitimate. They throw in some buzzwords like “insulin response”…


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