Body Composition Scan

Why use a body composition scan?

Many athletes and active people under eat. They are at risk for a serious health condition called Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. If you are too lean or do not eat enough to support your activity level, you can suffer from injury, stress fractures, mood disturbances, low hormone levels, and more.

A body composition scan helps you see real data to understand how much energy your body needs and to make sure you have enough fat to be healthy.

Body composition scans are not appropriate for those with eating disorders/disordered eating patterns, body image disturbances, etc. They are only done as a means to help you understand how to fuel your body appropriately. The data can tell you:

  • Accurate calorie needs, which is important for fueling in exercise and sport.
  • Thickness in fat and muscle tissue
  • Track changes in fat and muscle tissue over time

Real Nutrition uses the BodyMetrix ultrasound machine for body composition assessments. This technique is well-researched in scientific literature and is comparable in accuracy to DEXA and BodPod methods. BodyMetrix can be more accurate than bioelectric impedance methods (these are hand-held devices, scales, and InBody and Seca machines that send an electric current through your body), and you don’t have to consider hydration status or be fasting to get an accurate reading.

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Come to the appointment in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt or tank top. Scanning each body site takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on how many sites need to be used (typical sites are thigh, bicep, tricep, stomach, top of hip, and back). The procedure is painless and easy.

You will get your results at the appointment, either emailed or printed or both, depending on your preference.

Get on the road to better health and performance today! Look at the cool data you’ll receive! This makes it easier to understand your body, track progress, and make meaningful goals.


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