Nutrition for Climbers Book

Nutrition for Climbers Book


We are excited to bring you this comprehensive guide to rock climbing nutrition! Subscribe here for nutrition tips and updates on the book, and follow Nutrition for Climbers book and Fixed Pin Publishing on Instagram. Pre-order Nutrition for Climbers today at the Fixed Pin website!

Nutrition for Climbers Website

Also be sure to head over to our Nutrition for Climbers website to get more content designed just for climbers to stay healthy and fuel the send.

How will this book help me be a better climber?

Glad you asked! If you want to support training, recover better, climb the next level, heal or prevent injury, and fuel the send, you need to eat right!

Endless training and climbing won’t get you anywhere without the right nutrition.

This book has nutrition tips for any situation a climber could encounter!

  • Travel and van life
  • Comp day fueling
  • Outdoor climbing
  • Climbing at high altitude
  • Female climber nutrition
  • Adolescent nutrition
  • Older climber nutrition
  • Disordered eating/eating disorders
  • Vegan/vegetarian nutrition
  • Meal plans and recipes


How did “Nutrition for Climbers” come about?

While researching climbing nutrition for the International Olympic Committee’s Diploma in Sports Nutrition, I got frustrated to find that there was very little quality, science-backed information for climbers. ¬†Where was the good information about how to eat and how to fuel?

There were a few blogs, podcasts, and websites, but most of them had dubious nutrition information. The ones that had good information didn’t really have a comprehensive format where climbers could really understand what to eat, when to eat it, and how to fuel to match their training.

I saw a huge void in the climbing nutrition world, and wanted to fill it by providing climbers, coaches, and trainers with a solid, useful, and science-backed resource.

My teenage son’s climbing team was the inspiration for both the book and the research I’ve¬†conducted on adolescent rock climbers, exploring what they eat and if they are at risk for disordered eating patterns. (My published research can be found here and¬†here).

The climbing community deserves more! Nutrition for Climbers was born!

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