Nutrition for Climbers Book!

Nutrition for Climbers

We are excited to bring you this comprehensive guide to rock climbing nutrition! Subscribe here for nutrition tips and updates on the book, and follow the book and Fixed Pin Publishing on Instagram. Estimated date of publication is Jan 2020 through Fixed Pin Publishing. 

Illustration by Lynn Mandzuik

How will this book help me be a better climber?

Glad you asked! If you want to support training, recover better, climb the next level, heal or prevent injury, and fuel the send, you need to eat right!

This book provides nutrition and hydration information for:

  • Travel and van life
  • Comp day fueling
  • Outdoor climbing
  • Climbing at high altitude
  • Female climber nutrition
  • Adolescent nutrition
  • Older climber nutrition
  • Disordered eating/eating disorders
  • Vegan/vegetarian nutrition
  • Meal plans and recipes


Don’t want to wait for the book? Check out our online courses!

  • Nutrition for indoor climbing and comps
  • Nutrition for outdoor climbing
  • Hydration
  • Endurance Fueling
  • Supplements
  • Carb loading


How did “Nutrition for Climbers” come about?

Marisa Michael began researching climbers for her International Olympic Committee’s Diploma in Sports Nutrition. She found that there was very little quality, science-backed information for climbers. She continued her work by conducting original research on adolescent rock climbers, exploring what they eat and if they are at risk for disordered eating patterns. (Her published research can be found here and here).

Marisa saw a need to provide useful and legitimate nutrition information to climbers. The climbing community is under-served in the nutrition world, and she wanted to fill that void. Hence “Nutrition for Climbers” was born!