Eating disorder support

Are you looking for support to help with eating disorders, or disordered eating thoughts and behaviors? I help clients heal their relationship with body image and food by using evidence-based practices, informed by many models including Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size.

Clients come to me seeking support and help with:

  • Preventing some disordered thoughts and behaviors around food from becoming more intense
  • Treatment to prevent having to be admitted to a eating disorder treatment center
  • Treatment to continue care when being discharged from an eating disorder treatment center
  • Becoming more flexible around food choices and beliefs

As a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in sports nutrition, I have the unique training and background to support and help athletes suffering from eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. Athletes I have helped include dancers, runners, triathletes, rock climbers, collegiate level athletes, basketball players, and more.

I work with your treatment team, including your therapist and doctor, to deliver care that supports all aspects of eating disorder recovery. In order to work with me, you need to be medically stable and also be seeing a doctor for regular checkups, as well as have a therapist on board. If you don’t have a therapist already, I can help you find one.

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a 56-page downloadable PDF full of information about eating disorders, resources, journaling prompts, quizzes, and more. Designed for athletes, active people, coaches, and parents of youth athletes to help give positive messaging around relationships with food, body image, and sport.

On demand course REDs and Disordered Eating 101