Climbing Nutrition Research

Adolescent climbers’ nutrition intake and risk for eating disorders

What happens when you survey adolescent climbers to see what they eat? Me and my co-researchers analyzed these climbers’ target nutrition needs, compared it to what they actually eat, and also assessed their risk for disordered eating.

We had so many questions, like:

  • Does climbing ability correlate with body weight?
  • Do adolescent climbers have eating disorders?
  • Does nutrition intake affect climbing ability?
  • Do eating disorders affect their climbing ability?

See what we found out by reading the research! Spoiler: our adolescent climbers under-ate their estimated calorie, fat, and carbohydrate needs. And climbing ability was NOT correlated with their intake or body weight. It was correlated with how many years they had climbed, and how many hours per week they trained.

Nutrition Recommendations for Olympic-style Comp Climbing

Read my research review to find out what comp climbers can do to get a nutrition edge on their competition. Featured in Cogent Sports Medicine.



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