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    I Was Sick Enough: My experience with disordered eating as an Olympic athlete

    I Was Sick Enough: My experience with disordered eating as an Olympic athlete By Morgan Arritola Photo credit Pete Vondenberg Photo credit Broken Arrow Team Trigger warning: This article contains some descriptions of disordered eating. I grew up in the days of the McDonalds “bucket of fries.” Yes friends, there…

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    Tart Cherry Juice for Athletes

    Tart Cherry Juice for Athletes by Amity Warme In recent years, the use of tart cherry juice has increased rapidly in both elite and recreational athletes seeking to improve performance. What is tart cherry juice for? Many benefits are attributed to drinking tart cherry juice, including: Reduced inflammation Better sleep…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition

    Is processed food bad?

    Is processed food bad? By Amity Warme and Marisa Michael You may have heard to avoid processed foods. However, most food is processed in some way. It is not necessary–or even possible–to avoid all processed foods! Common foods such as bagged spinach, steel cut oats, baby carrots, milk, and countless…

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    Sports Nutrition

    30+ Snack Ideas for Busy People

    30+ Snack ideas for busy people You’re in the middle of a meeting, driving a kid to soccer, rushing from one thing to the next. When your stomach calls, you must answer! Snack ideas are one of the most requested topics with my clients. Try having snacks on hand when you…

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    Intuitive Eating

    7 Ways to Bust out of Food Boredom

    How to be excited about food again We’ve all been there. Maybe you got a bit too excited about something on sale and bought a lot of it. Maybe you are recovering from an eating disorder or chronic dieting. Or perhaps you just realized that nothing in your fridge sounds…


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