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    Best supplements for endurance sports

    There are a million different supplements types and brands out there, all of them with pretty convincing marketing. Save your money and don’t buy unnecessary (or even harmful!) supplements. If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete, hiker, or any other endurance athlete, you may find better performance with some key…

  • Intuitive Eating
    Intuitive Eating

    Eating Disorder vs. Healthy Eating

    Eating Disorder vs. Healthy Eating In the pursuit of eating healthy, sometimes it can get twisted into disordered eating. How do you know if you are simply caring for your body and doing it a favor, or if you’re slipping into an eating disorder? What is an eating disorder? An…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition

    Sodium bicarbonate to enhance sports performance

    Can sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) supplementation enhance sports performance? By Hailey Davis Edited by Marisa Michael When thinking about sports supplements, most people don’t realize they have something really effective, safe, and cheap sitting right in their kitchen cupboard! Sodium bicarbonate, AKA baking soda, is thought to enhance sports performance…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition

    What causes fatigue when exercising?

    What causes fatigue when exercising? By Hailey Davis Edited by Marisa Michael Many of us enjoy exercising, until the fatigue sets in! It’s the enemy of the best laid training plans, missed paces on race day, and often convinces us to quit before we wanted to. Fatigue occurs when our…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports NutritionTriathlon

    A Sport’s Dietitian Review of the Gatorade Sweat Patch

    Gatorade Sweat Patch Review When I first heard about the Gatorade sweat patch (Gx Sweat Patch), I got pretty excited. Up until now, there were some costly ways to check your sweat rate and sodium concentration, such as the Precision Hydration system, which is pretty darn accurate and not so…


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