Indoor cycling guidebook

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Have you wanted to try a cycle class but feel intimidated? Or are you a seasoned rider, ready to take it to the next level? This book has all the information you need to meet your fitness goals through indoor cycling! This book is perfect for any cyclist from novice to expert, including cycle instructors. This book covers nutrition, hydration, bike fit, form, gear, etiquette, stretches, and more. It even has sample drills, sample class formats, and guides for heart rate training and calculating sweat rate. A perfect guide for you, and a perfect gift for the active person, cyclist, or athlete in your life.

Here are some reviews from Amazon customers:

“As someone who is transitioning from running to spinning for my primary aerobic exercise, I found Ms. Michael’s book to be an easy read and very informative. Short and to the point with little fluff or exposition on non-pertinent topics. You’ll learn if you really need those spinning/cycling shoes or the padded biking shorts. You’ll also learn what constitutes a good ride through application of appropriate cadence, resistance, riding position and you’ll learn to spot a bad spin class instructor.”

“This is a great overview of indoor cycling. It covers the most commonly asked questions and addresses the most common concerns a beginner has. This is well worth the read if you are about to start spinning!”

“This is a great book for beginners Short and to the point. Awesome tips and well written. I really enjoyed reading this book.”