The definitive guide to fuel the send. Comprehensive, science-backed, and full of useful information for any climber.

Bike Shorts: Your Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling. Perfect for beginner cyclists, this easy-to-read book includes tips on gear, nutrition, workouts, and more.

This guide is designed for athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents of athletes that want to help foster a healthy relationship with sport, food, and body.

It’s 56 pages of information, infographics, and journaling prompts to help you foster your healthy self. It comes in a fillable PDF format.

Did you know some sports report up to 83% of their athletes suffering from eating disorders? Be a part of the solution. Learn how to spot them and what to do.

This guide includes:

  • How to prevent and spot eating disorders
  • What to do if you suspect someone you care about is suffering from one
  • What types of treatments are available
  • Types of eating disorders and disordered eating
  • What is relative energy deficiency in sport?
  • How to spot a strict diet for sports performance vs. an eating disorder
  • What coaches can do about eating disorder culture
  • Tips for athletes
  • Tips for parents of youth athletes
  • Journaling prompts in each section
  • Resources and references