Courses & Webinars

Endurance Fueling

On-demand resources: Fueling and hydration strategies for marathoners, runners, triathletes, cyclists, ultra-runners, trail runners, and swimmers.

Climbing Nutrition

On-demand resources: Courses for indoor climbing/comps and outdoor climbing, fueling guides, and more.

Fueling for Athletes

On-demand resources: Actionable information for any athlete, from hydration to supplements. Buying only the right supplements is like putting money back in your hands!

Athlete's Guide to Your Healthy Self

A 56-page downloadable PDF that’s full of journaling prompts, resources on disordered eating and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, infographics, and more.

Intuitive Eating Resources

Learn how to heal your relationship with food and approach your eating with a new, powerful framework called intuitive eating.

Our signature course, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport and Disordered Eating 101!

If you work with athletes, you work with eating disorders. You need to know what to do to keep your athletes safe! Designed for sports professionals, parents, and athletes, this course will arm you with valuable information on how to spot signs of REDs and disordered eating, what to do about it, and how to foster a good team culture around food and body image. Learn more about REDs and disordered eating today!

  • You’re an athlete looking for a performance edge

  • You want to make sure you’re fueling your body right to make training gains and hit new PRs

  • You’ve searched online for nutrition information, but find you spend too much time doing it, and what you find is confusing, conflicting, or unhelpful

  • You want to learn how to use supplements for sports performance, but don’t want to waste money on them

  • You keep bonking, cramping, or feeling terrible during training and racing

  • You’re looking for a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for sports nutrition content

  • You want to know how to apply the nutrition information to your own training, and craft a personalized nutrition and hydration plan that works

  • You’re not looking for more information, you want an action plan¬†

  • You want evidence-based resources

  • You need someone to wade through all the research and just tell you what you need to know!



We have resources for you! Check out our amazing nutrition resources, including on-demand courses, free downloads, and webinar replays.

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Here’s what some happy people had to say:

“There was WAY more content than I expected, so I felt like it was a really good deal!” ~Sandy P.

“Marisa is an expert in her field of sports nutrition and it comes through in her hydration class. All athletes need to watch Perfect Hydration to enhance their performance and learn so much valuable information beyond just hydration. Marisa teaching style makes it easy to learn by providing excellent graphics and breaking down the science to make it easily understood.” ~Katharine J.

“The message was clear, well-organized, and to the point. I love how the videos were short. I love how you emphasized sodium instead of potassium for cramps–that really stuck with me!” ~Valeria M.

“This 9-module course is a must-have for competitive and recreational athletes alike. Sports dietitian and triathlete Marisa Michael takes you from basic hydration physiology and troubleshooting to choosing a hydration product that’s right for you. The course wraps up with practical tools to formulate your own personal hydration plan, which can be applied to any sport or activity. I highly recommend this hydration course.” ~Niki S.

“Marisa does a fantastic job translating complex scientific information into digestible information all athletes can use and apply to their own training plans. The information in this course is applicable for novice exercisers to elite athletes and everyone in between. Unlike other courses, Marisa provides you with the tools to directly apply the nutritional science to your unique needs by teaching you how to calculate your sweat rate, create a personalized hydration plan, and explore the world of hydration supplements and their impact on sport performance.” ~Hannah F.

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