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Are you looking for nutrition and fitness content for your publication? I specialize in taking complex topics and translating them into practical, understandable, applicable advice. I cut through the pseudoscience and misinformation to bring meaningful, valid content to your audience. I can also review your existing content for accuracy and help boost your EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) score for Google SEO.

My expertise has been featured in national publications such as The Washington Post, Gym Climber Magazine, Livestrong.com, The Food Network, Outside Magazine, Popsugar, and MyFitnessPal’s blog,

Scientific Publications

Click hereĀ to see my original research in the scientific journal, Frontiers in Nutrition, about rock climbers’ nutrition intake and risk for eating disorders.

Click here to see my review on nutrition and physiology for Olympic format rock climbing.

Lay Publications

See me quoted in Runner’s World.Ā 

My contribution to a Washington Post article about indoor cycling.

Is light weight the right weight? in Gym Climber Magazine.

What to eat for climbing competitions in Gym Climber Magazine.

What to eat for multi-day climbing competitions in Gym Climber Magazine.

Regular contributor to Willamette Living Magazine.

Click here to see my contribution to Portland Sports Psychology monthly newsletter.

Three articles published inĀ Rock and Ice (online climbing magazine).

Nutrition for high altitude for Backcountry Foodie.

Caffeine for Climbing in Gym Climber Magazine

Does Bodyweight Matter in Climbing? In Gym Climber Magazine

My interview with Common Climber


Quoted as a nutrition expert

What is a Nutritionist? inĀ Outside Magazine.

How to choose a sports drink in Best Products.

What experts say about keto inĀ Food Network.

Creating meal plans for clients in Nutritics.

How to build muscles and Food Dietitians Eat in Popsugar.

Water Alternatives to Hydration and The Science Behind Workout Hunger in UnderArmor’s MyFitnessPal blog.

Best Nutrition books on Up Journey.

Learn about working out in the fat-burning zone atĀ sportsmd.com

How to calculate body fat percentage atĀ Livestrong.com

Race day nutrition tips onĀ MyFitnessPal Blog.

How cooking changes relationships with food in Shape Magazine

Nutrition and Fitness Guide for College Students

Risks of the keto diet

Post-exercise fueling window in Women’s Running

Tips on home exercise programsĀ 

Best free at-home workouts

Green smoothies for cyclists at Bicycling Magazine



Published books

Nutrition for Climbers, byĀ Fixed Pin Publishing.Ā Order now!

Click hereĀ to view my book Bike Shorts: Your Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling, which has been featured in the Washington Post.

Here are some reviews from Amazon customers:

“As someone who is transitioning from running to spinning for my primary aerobic exercise, I found Ms. Michael’s book to be an easy read and very informative. Short and to the point with little fluff or exposition on non-pertinent topics. You’ll learn if you really need those spinning/cycling shoes or the padded biking shorts. You’ll also learn what constitutes a good ride through application of appropriate cadence, resistance, riding position and you’ll learn to spot a bad spin class instructor.”

“This is a great overview of indoor cycling. It covers the most commonly asked questions and addresses the most common concerns a beginner has. This is well worth the read if you are about to start spinning!”

“This is a great book for beginners Short and to the point. Awesome tips and well written. I really enjoyed reading this book.”

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