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    How one visit to the dietitian saved $3120

    \ How do you know which supplements to use? Somewhere between 40-100% of athletes and active people use supplements. And if those people are getting their advice from social media, 90% of the time it is wrong! How do you know which supplements to take? What about the dose? What…

  • General

    How to Spot Credible Nutrition Information

      How to spot credible nutrition information There are probably literally millions of blog posts, books, and articles about nutrition. Many of them are very convincing, and many of them spread false information. Many of them sound “science-y” enough to seem legitimate. They throw in some buzzwords like “insulin response”…

  • Sports Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition

    7 things carbs do for your body

    Many popular diets restrict or totally eliminate carbs. Keto, paleo, Whole30, low carb, high fat, and many others have no or low-carb rules. But do carbs make you gain weight? Are carbs bad for you? Then answer is a definite NO! Your body needs carbohydrates in order to function at…

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    Fasted Cardio

    Does doing cardio “fasting” burn more fat? You may have heard the buzz about working out in a “fasted” state. If you do cardio in the morning before eating, will it burn more fat? Will your belly magically melt away? Here’s the scoop: Training in a fasted state with (“training low”)…

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    Gourmet S’mores

    Gourmet s’mores ideas for your next camping trip or backyard fire pit night! Stuck in a s’mores rut? Open up a whole new world of deliciousness! Don’t miss out! Subscribe to get our free fueling guide (what to eat before, during, and after workouts!), discount code…


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