5 Things to ask yourself to manage emotional eating

5 Things to ask yourself to manage emotional eating
July 25, 2020 Marisa Michael


Five things to ask yourself to manage emotional eating

Emotional eating isn’t always bad. But if it is your ONLY coping skill, it may become problematic. It can lead to over eating, avoiding emotion, decreased mental health, and decreased physical health.

Emotional eating is complex. If you find yourself constantly eating your feelings, you may want to reach out to a therapist for help. A qualified dietitian can also help you navigate your relationship with food and body, and help you learn important tools to cope with emotions and learn healthful eating patterns.

Here are some resources to learn more!

Intuitive Eating website

Center for Mindful Eating

Intuitive Eating on-demand course

One-on-one nutrition therapy/counseling


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~This is general information only and not nutrition advice. Always seek help from a healthcare provider before undergoing any diet or lifestyle changes.