Break the diet cycle

Are you confused about conflicting nutrition information you have heard or read? Are you tired of dieting? Do you feel guilt or shame about the way you eat? Do you keep gaining weight, even though you’ve tried Atkins, Whole 30, Paleo, Weight Watchers, HCG diet, or any other “diet?” Are you trying to heal disordered eating patterns in your own life?

What I do:

I use a non-diet approach to eating

Using mindful eating, intuitive eating, and body acceptance techniques, I can help you find joy in eating and get rid of negative self-talk. We work through the process together to lift diet restrictions and tune into your body’s needs.

I help those struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating to find peace with food and their body. If you are appropriate for an outpatient setting, are medically stable, and are seeing both a therapist and physician on a regular basis, I can be a part of your eating disorder treatment team to get you on the road to recovery.

If you are an athlete looking for performance gains, need to hit a weight class, or wanting to get to your race weight, I help you navigate what that means, if it’s appropriate for you, and how to implement weight changes safely using nutrition periodization timed to your training periodization.

What I don’t do: I don’t help people with weight loss simply because they want to look thinner, lose weight for a wedding or reunion, or get back to their high school weight. Restrictive diets don’t work, and are harmful to mental and physical health. If you want to lose weight, I first explore with you why. 

I am not the food police. I do not give you meal plans, a list of foods to eat, or a list of foods to avoid. I do not tell you to clean out your fridge and throw away all the foods you love. In fact, the less restrictions you have, the healthier it is for your mental and physical health. I gently guide you through the maze of nutrition information and we formulate a plan that works for your lifestyle, needs, goals, food preferences, cooking ability, schedule, and medical history.

You might be asking yourself, “Is it worth the cost to see a dietitian?” It it worth struggling through different diet plans, spending money on diet programs, having anxiety around your food choices, or purchasing supplements on sheer hope? I use evidence-based, proven strategies for weight management that help you find peace with your body and your food.

Not ready for one-on-one coaching? That’s ok! We have an on-demand intuitive eating course. Learn how to ditch the diet cycle and become an intuitive eater.

Here’s what clients have to say:

“Working with Marisa was really helpful for me. I was able to let go of my anxiety around food and body image and instead focus on establishing consistent healthy habits that help me feel good. I went from constantly worrying about my body size, my weight, and what or how much I was eating to feeling calm and peaceful and enjoying a positive, happy relationship with food. Marisa is very positive and encouraging. She helped me to make long-term changes, including establishing regular exercise routines, increasing my awareness of my body’s needs and signals, and making time for healthy eating a priority. She was great at giving me small, “do-able,” concrete assignments and then providing accountability and feedback. She also helped me evaluate what was working and not working for my body and how to set goals and make decisions based on what worked for me. She has a thoroughly sane and sensible approach to the highly-charged topics of weight loss, food and exercise. I highly recommend her.” ~Karen

“It is difficult to put into words how much Marisa has positively impacted my life. After speaking with several nutritionists, she took me in, listened to my emotional breakdowns, emailed me after hours to answer my random late-night questions, and was a consistent rock of information in my life (and still is). She knew how to speak to me in a language that I could understand and appreciate while backing it up with current, scientific studies that I needed to hear. My understanding of how nutrition fits into my life has greatly increased, as well as my physical and emotional health. Among all of these things, she was accommodating logistically, responsive, and malleable to meet my needs with scheduling and other sometimes annoying processes; she navigated these with ease. I can 100% say that not going to her would have been a great disservice to myself and she has my utmost respect and highest recommendation, always. ” ~Melissa Heard

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