Triathlon nutrition

Did you bonk at your last race?

Do you feel fatigued, irritable, or heavy toward the end of your training?

Are you looking for a PR?

Do you want easy-to-implement nutrition strategies without spending too much time or mental energy?

Did you know the average triathlete spends $4000 per year on gear and race entry fees? A triathlete can spend $3000-14,000 on their bike, plus cycling shoes, running shoes, a kit, a wetsuit, and a bike fitting. After spending thousands of dollars and months of training, don’t risk a sub-par race or a DNF due to poor nutrition planning. Book an athlete package today to make your investment worthwhile.

Triathlon is a demanding sport. Nutrition is often called the “fourth discipline,” because without the right fueling and hydration, you may not be able to finish the race or perform your best.

I help you with nutrition from start to finish, including the off-season. I tailor your nutrition needs to your activity level and type of training, making sure you fuel correctly to maximize training adaptations and feel your best on race day.

Services include:

I’ve completed numerous triathlons, ranging from sprint distance to 70.3, and I’m also a personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor, so I know how exercise physiology and nutrition work hand-in-hand. My experience helps you become a better triathlete.

If you’re looking for a coaching service, look no further than our trusted partners The Endurance School and¬†Chris Bagg Coaching. They are top-notch for honoring your goals, working with you at whatever level you’re at, and making sure you get quality coaching to help achieve your triathlon dreams.

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