I believe that a workshop should be fun, interactive, and meaningful. You won’t find me droning on with endless PowerPoint slides full of boring bullet points. And most of my workshops involve taste-testing, because everyone loves food!


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Workshops are a great way to reach a large audience. I’ve hosted engaging, fun, and informative workshops for gyms, athletes, and sport organizations. Keep your athletes healthy and safe by arming them with expert fueling information to stay strong, go hard, and prevent eating disorders.

Consultations for teams/organizations: Keep your organization or gym safe from liability by utilizing a sports dietitian to run workshops, do staff/coaching training, and/or help set up safety protocols for what to do to prevent and address eating disorders.

Here are some of my recent clients:

Ontario Climbing Federation: Fueling for comp climbing, female-specific fueling, and eating disorders

USA Climbing: What every climber needs to know about fueling and eating disorders

She Sends Collective: Eating disorders and RED-S in climbers

Action Sport and Spine Physical Therapy

Stafford Hills Club: Intro to intuitive eating

The International Olympic Committee: Recorded lecture on rock climbing nutrition for the Olympic format

McCallum Place Victory Program: Eating Disorders in Sport Conference (topic: Rock climbing and disordered eating: what you need to know for the newest Olympic sport).

Evolve PT and Sherwood YMCA: Nutrition for injury prevention and recovery

Girls camp for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

All About Volleyball club team

Therapydia Beaverton

Hockins High School volleyball team

The Portland Ballet

Schneider Electric

Northwest Personal Training


Stafford Hills Club

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Regional Single Adults Conference

ClubSport rock climbing teams

Veris Industries


Pacific General Electric (PGE)

Client testimonials:

“Before I took Real Nutrition’s course on Intuitive Eating, I really did think it meant “eat whatever you want,” and I was confused. It turns out, though, that Intuitive Eating is about being mindful, and tuning in to what is happening in your body, and then letting that drive your choices and decisions around food. It’s an approach that we use when coaching athletes in sport, so it was so refreshing to see a similar approach used with eating. Just as we do when coaching an endurance athlete about racing, Real Nutrition’s course taught me to abandon unhelpful and overly strict rules around food, allowing me to relax around food and be myself. This is only one of the insights in Marisa’s excellent course, but it was the most profound one for me. I would recommend it heartily to anyone.” Chris Bagg

“Marisa Michael put together a fantastic workshop. She came with slides, handouts, and even food to taste. We wanted a fun, interactive experience and this was it. The members of the group were quickly brought together in a discussion around what is a healthy lifestyle, how does fitness and nutrition fit into  our lives, and how to enjoy mindful eating.

We got to try different foods and…learn about making healthy, quick, and tasty meals to improve our health. The group had some specific requests for the workshop and Marisa came prepared to help everyone learn and connect with one another as well. She was available for questions afterwards and inspired complete cooperation from this diverse group of adults. We hope to hear from her again.”

~Dana Edvalson

“I found Marisa Michael’s nutrition workshop for dancers absolutely wonderful. She had the dancers write down a nutrition question beforehand and for her to review before the class. She was very engaged with the students and was extremely well prepared and thorough. There was involvement with the dancers from the get go so they felt it was for and about them. Ms. Michael talked about the topic of eating disorders with grace and authenticity. A difficult subject to bring up in the dance world but she handled it with great skill.
I would recommend Marisa to all athletes and dancers as a go to person that really understands the nutritional needs of such active young people.”
~Nancy Davis, Artistic Director, The Portland Ballet
“We thoroughly enjoyed having Marisa come to our physical therapy clinic and educate our staff, patients, and community about the (often misunderstood/underrated) importance of nutrition as it relates to injury prevention and healing. We all learned a lot in a short seminar and walked away with things we could implement in our own diets right away, as well as excellent talking points for our physical therapy patients as they are going through their own healing processes. It was an engaging and informative hour and I would consider doing it yearly if she’s willing! Thanks, Marisa!”
~ Kelley Lindstrom, Therapydia Beaverton


“I loved the interactions and reminders of healthy foods.”

“Very easy to follow and helpful.”

“Very knowledgable and engaging.”

“Good presenter and good info.”

“I appreciate the real advice for our real lives.”


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Team workshops/Health fairs/Corporate wellness (Virtual or in-person)

Tailored topics for your organization. Always useful, never boring!

Workshop topics include, but not limited to:

  • Eat to energize your workday: Fun and interactive tips and tricks to help employees feel fueled for their workday.
  • General wellness and nutrition: An overview of basic nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for large groups, corporate wellness workshops, and anyone seeking nutrition information for their club, class, or group.
  • Sports nutrition: Basics on pre- and post-workout nutrition, hydration before, during, and after workouts. A perfect workshop for your local running or tri club, soccer teams, middle and high school sports teams, and any group of active people. Customized for your sport.
  • On-the-go nutrition: Tailored specifically for those busy people on-the-go who don’t want to fall victim to the drive-thru. Designed for business travelers, busy moms, and anyone that doesn’t have time to cook. Learn quick techniques to build a meal.
  • Mindful eating and taste testing: Fun and interactive workshop to explore mindful eating and how it relates to health and a good relationship with food. Includes taste testing and a power of food quiz. An engaging way to learn more about how food and taste can impact health and wellness.
  • How to eat healthy at college: Tips and tricks for cooking in your dorm room, selecting food at the dining hall, vending machine strategies, shopping lists when all you have is a mini-fridge and microwave, and how to fuel yourself for studies throughout a long day on campus.
  • Custom topic: Contact me to request a topic you don’t see here! I can tailor nutrition advice to your group and custom-make a workshop just for your needs.