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We’re pretty picky here at Real Nutrition. We only partner with brands we know and trust. And we don’t partner with brands or products that would compromise our ability to remain conflict-of-interest free.

There’s a reason we don’t sell supplements, shakes, oils, or pills. Even if the product is backed by science and third-party tested for purity, if we sold that product it would cloud our ability to recommend other legitimate products to you.

These brands have met our stringent standards for delivering high-quality products and services.


Backcountry Foodie is run by a registered dietitian and thru-hiker who lives out of her van. She offers amazing resources for any outdoor adventurer, from customized meal planning and nutrition consultations to a treasure trove of ultralight recipes for climbing trips and backpacking. Some of her recipes are also featured in our book, Nutrition for Climbers.

Note: If you click on this link we may receive a commission. is the platform Real Nutrition uses to host all our online courses. We have courses on endurance fueling, carb loading, climbing, hydration, intuitive eating, relative energy deficiency in sport, and a lot more!

It’s simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. If you’d like to create and sell your own courses, use our affiliate link to check out Teachable! (If you use this link we get a small commission).

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