Are you looking for nutrition and fitness content for your publication? I specialize in taking complex topics and translating them into practical, understandable, applicable advice. I cut through the pseudoscience and misinformation to bring meaningful, valid content to your audience.

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Here are some reviews from Amazon customers:

“As someone who is transitioning from running to spinning for my primary aerobic exercise, I found Ms. Michael’s book to be an easy read and very informative. Short and to the point with little fluff or exposition on non-pertinent topics. You’ll learn if you really need those spinning/cycling shoes or the padded biking shorts. You’ll also learn what constitutes a good ride through application of appropriate cadence, resistance, riding position and you’ll learn to spot a bad spin class instructor.”

“This is a great overview of indoor cycling. It covers the most commonly asked questions and addresses the most common concerns a beginner has. This is well worth the read if you are about to start spinning!”

“This is a great book for beginners Short and to the point. Awesome tips and well written. I really enjoyed reading this book.”

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